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Study and exam requirement in biochemistry: 2018/19

Program (lectures and practices):

Topic lists:


Exam starts at Szent-Györgyi Albert Educational Center “Nagyoktatasi”, Dóm tér 13, floor 4, lab 49 with written (5-structure) entrance graded 0-5. For a successful entrance student should hit at least 2 points in the written entrance AND collect at least 9 point together with the 3 MTOs. In the oral ESE students present 3 theoretical topics:

1.       topic #1: general biochemistry (1st MTO) and last 2 weeks

2.       topic #2: intermedier biochemistry of carbohydrates and lipids

3.       topic #3: intermedier biochemistry of amino acids and nucleic acids


Students have to present ID or passport, printed Neptun sheet, and Biochem I labnotes.



Handouts for lectures and practicals:

Compulsory elective courses:

Practical notes:

Biochmeistry Practicals (Notes)

Editors: Görbe A, Keresztes M, Márki-Zay J

ISBN: 978 963 226 547 6

Medicina Könyvkiadó Zrt., Budapest, 2015


Recommended books:

Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry

Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry

Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry


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