Department of Biochemistry

Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged




Thesis list for medical students



Research groups and topics:

  1. Muscle Adaptation Group


  1. Neural and humoral effects in the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle adaptation


Supervisors:           Dr. Luca Mendler, MD, PhD, assistant professor,

Dr. Anikó Keller-Pintér, MD, PhD, staff scientist



  1. Metabolic Diseases and Cell Signaling (MEDICS) Group

1.    Cardiovascular effects of metabolic diseases in experimental models.


2.    Molecular mechanisms of cellular damage in stress conditions.


3.    Conditioning against myocardial injury.


4.    Cellular effects of proteoglycans.


5.    MicroRNAs in the cardiovascular system.


6.    The role of extracellular matrix components in cardioprotection.


7.    Echocardiographic characterization of cardiac function and morphology in uremic, hypercholesterolemic, or irradiated rats



Supervisors:           Dr. habil. Tamás Csont, MD, PhD, associate professor

Dr. habil. Csaba Csonka, MD, PhD, senior scientist

Dr. Márta Sárközy, MD, PhD, research fellow


  1. Cardiovascular Research Group (
  1. Biochemical mechanism of the ischemic adaptation of the myocardium


  1. Cardiocytoprotection in in vitro cell culture models


  1. Effects of hyperlipidemia on ischemic adaptation of the heart


  1. Oxidative and nitrosative stress in heart muscle


  1. Cardioprotection induced by ischemic preconditioning in chronic heart failure


  1. Role of matrix metalloproteinases in adaptation of the heart and in disease models


  1. Role of capsaicin-sensitive nerves in adaptation of the heart



Supervisors:           Prof. Dr. habil. Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc, MBA, Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Head of Department, Pharmahungary Group (CEO and Business Development Director), Department of Biochemistry, Szeged (part time)

Dr. Anikó Görbe, MD, PhD, assistant professor,

Dr. Péter Bencsik, MD, PhD, Pharmahungary Group and assistant professor (part time)



  1. Stress Research Lab
  1. Pathobiochemical/psychoneuroimmunological background of stress /Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (literature review)


  1. Neutrophil  activity in stress and in relaxation (literature review)


Supervisor:                         Dr. Margit Keresztes, MD, PhD, assistant professor



  1. Muscle Differentiation Research Group
  1. The function of transgenic skeletal muscle

Supervisor:                         Dr. habil. Ernő Zádor, PhD, associate professor