Department of Biochemistry

Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged


Application: by the institutional Student Scientific Circle („TDK”) coordinator


Institutional Student Scientific Circle („TDK”) coordinator

Dr. Tamás Csont MD, PhD, associate professor
Tel: +36 (62) 54 5755 or +36 (62) 54 5096

Requierment: at least 4.0 academic grade point average

Research groups and topics:

  1. Muscle Adaptation Group


  1. Neural and humoral effects in the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle adaptation


Supervisors:           Dr. Luca Mendler, MD, PhD, assistant professor,

Dr. Anikó Keller-Pintér, MD, PhD, staff scientist


  1. Metabolic Diseases and Cell Signaling (MEDICS) Group

1.    Cardiovascular effects of metabolic diseases in experimental models.


2.    Molecular mechanisms of cellular damage in stress conditions.


3.    Conditioning against myocardial injury.


4.    Cellular effects of proteoglycans.


5.    MicroRNAs in the cardiovascular system.


6.    The role of extracellular matrix components in cardioprotection.


7.    Echocardiographic characterization of cardiac function and morphology in uremic, hypercholesterolemic, or irradiated rats



Supervisors:           Dr. habil. Tamás Csont, MD, PhD, associate professor

Dr. habil. Csaba Csonka, MD, PhD, senior scientist

Dr. Márta Sárközy, MD, PhD, research fellow


  1. Cardiovascular Research Group (

1.    Biochemical mechanism of the ischemic adaptation of the myocardium


2.    Cardiocytoprotection in in vitro cell culture models


3.    Effects of hyperlipidemia on ischemic adaptation of the heart


4.    Oxidative and nitrosative stress in heart muscle


5.    Cardioprotection induced by ischemic preconditioning in chronic heart failure


6.    Role of matrix metalloproteinases in adaptation of the heart and in disease models


7.    Role of capsaicin-sensitive nerves in adaptation of the heart


Supervisors:           Prof. Dr. habil. Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc, MBA, Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Head of Department and Pharmahungary Group (CEO and Business Development Director), Department of Biochemistry, Szeged (part time),

Dr. Anikó Görbe, MD, PhD, assistant professor,

Dr. Péter Bencsik, MD, PhD, Pharmahungary Group and assistant professor (part time)


  1. Stress Research Lab


  1. Psychoneuroimmunological investigations on stress-related cardiovascular diseases

Supervisor:                         Dr. Margit Keresztes, MD, PhD, assistant professor


  1. Muscle Differentiation Research Group
  1. The function of transgenic skeletal muscle

Supervisor:                         Dr. habil. Ernő Zádor, PhD, associate professor



Postgraduate research opportunities:

The scientific work of the Department of Biochemistry is closely linked to the Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular and Cell Biology Program of the Graduate School of Multidisciplinary Medical Sciences. Our former scientific circle students have the opportunity to join our PhD programs.

Best „TDK” awards of our students in the last decade:


Pro Scientia Gold Medal:

Márton Pipicz – 2011

Tímea Szegi - 2011

Tamás Baranyai – 2013


OTDT Presentation Award

Tamás Baranyai – 2013


OTDK Awards:

Zsuzsanna Baka – 2007: 2nd Award

Zoltán Varga, Csaba Tölgyesi – 2007: Special Award, 2009: 3rd Award

Márta Sárközy – 2009, Special Award

Márta Sárközy, Domitilla Kovács – 2011: Special Award

Márton Pipicz, András Boros, Miklós Nógrády – 2011: 1st Award

Tímea Szegi, Domitilla Kovács – 2011: 1st Award

Tamás Baranyai – 2013: 1st Award

Beáta Diósi, Hanna Fodor – 2013: 1st Award

Alexandra Demcsák, Csenge Csorba – 2013: 1st Award

László Kis, Márton Pipicz – 2013: Special Award

More than 20 participations on OTDK conferences.


TDK konference:

More than 40 awarded presentations


Master Teacher Gold Medal

Dr. Tamás Csont MD, PhD – 2011



Undergraduate students in 2014/15

                     I.        Muscle Adaptation Group

1.    Csenge Csorba, 6th year medical student, student instructor

2.    Alexandra Demcsák, 6th year medical student

3.    Beáta Diósi, 6th year medical student, student instructor

4.    Hanna Fodor, 6th year medical student, student instructor

5.    Ágnes Szalenko-Tőkés, 3rd year medical student

6.    Flóra Szántó, 3rd year medical student


                    II.        Metabolic Diseases and Cell Signaling (MEDICS) Group

1.    László Kis, 6th year medical student, student instructor

2.    Viktor Bodnár, 5th year medical student

3.    Dalma Kuglis, 5th year medical student

4.    Virág Demján, 4th year pharmacy student

5.    Fatime Hawchar, 4th year medical student, student instructor

6.    Edit Vigh, 4th year medical student, student instructor

7.    Péter Jánosy, 3rd year medical student

8.    Mónika Kovács, 3rd year medical student

9.    Zsuzsa Kovács, 3rd year medical student

10. János Pálfalvi, 3rd year medical student

11. Anna Vincze, 3rd year medical student


                   III.        Cardiovascular Research Group

1.    Balázs Szakály, 6th year medical student

2.    Máté Bedő, 6th year medical student

3.    Israel David Gabay, 5th year medical student

4.    Omer Goren, 5th year medical student

5.    Anna Hegedűs, 5th year medical student

6.    Miguel Olias Ibor, 5th year medical student

7.    János Pigler, 5th year medical student

8.    Tamás Riesz, 5th year medical student, student instructor

9.    Ernesto Ruivo, 5th year medical student, student instructor

10. Fanni Szvetnyik, 5th year medical student

11. Gábor Vastag, 4th year medical student, student instructor

12. Bernadett Kiss, BSc 3rd year (Faculty of Science and Informatics, Biology)



Awarded TDK presentations from our Department in 2014:


Edit Vigh, László Kis

Section 1st Award

Obál Memorial Prize

Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology

Beáta Diósi, Hanna Fodor

Section 1st Award

Bioinformatics, Cellular and  Molecular Biology, Genetics

János Piegler, Tamás Riesz

Section 1st Award

Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology 2.

Virág Demján

Section 2nd Award

Molecular Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacy

Dalma Kuglis, Anna Hegedűs

Section 2nd Award

Internal Medicine 2.

Tamás Riesz, János Pigler

Section 2nd Award

Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology

Ernesto Ruivo, Miguel Olias Ibor

Section 3rd Award

Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology 2

László Kis, Edit Vigh

Section 3rd Award

Bioinformatics, Cellular and  Molecular Biology, Genetics

Gábor Vastag

Section 3rd Award

Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology 1.


Selected TDK presentations from 2014 for the National Student Scientific Conference (OTDK) will be held in Budapest in 2015:


  1. Virág Demján 3rd year pharmacy student
  2. Beáta Diósi, Hanna Fodor, 4th year medical students
  3. László Kis, 5th year and Edit Vigh, 3rd year medical students,
  4. Dalma Kuglis, 4th year and  Anna Hegedűs, 3rd year medical students
  5. János Pigler, Tamás Riesz, 4th year medical students                      
  6. Tamás Riesz, János Pigler, 4th year medical students                                             
  7. Edit Vigh, 3rd year and László Kis, 5th year medical students